CLiC Black Frame / Red Anti Fog Lens Goggles


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Unique and fashionable, CliC Goggles truly are innovative. Made to be "more comfortable and easy-to-use than any goggle on the market", the around head design of these sun glasses is well suited for active outdoor use. The lens is particularly good for winter, outdoor use because the sealed, thick lenses will not fog up. In fact they were made specifically to reduce equipment hassle for snow sports enthusiasts. Fully adjustable they'll fit even large heads and wide noses, comfortable and durable they're quickly removed by a "click" of the center magnet and hang securely around the neck.

CliC frames are supported at the temple by an original 'T-bar' hinge that enables the lens to swing freely. This hinge connects to a hardened plastic band that features a custom designed sliding 'friction' adjustment to accommodate different head sizes. When the goggles are not in use they hang about the wearer's neck supported by the lightweight band. For active outdoor use these are a great product.


  • Optical Lens: CliC Goggles optical quality lenses offer UV protection and are guaranteed to be distortion free.
  • Foam Cushion: The moulded foam cushion ensures the Goggles fit securely around the eye, whilst offering maximum comfort to the wearer.
  • Neodymium Magnet: CliC Goggles are secured at the front by a highly advanced, precision ground Neodymium alloy magnet, providing a revolutionary clasping mechanism that will hold at speeds of up to 130 mph.
  • Anti-Fog Treatment: CliC Goggles' precision ground anti-fog lenses offer 100% clarity, 100% of the time.
  • Track Ventilator: Track ventilators have been placed on either side of the Goggles to enable air flow.
  • Form Fitting Headband: The hardened plastic form-fitting headband supports and secures the Goggles comfortably around the back of the head. When not in use the headband enables them to hang conveniently around the neck.

Size: Regular 23" (585mm) extendible to 24¼" (613mm)


Model: Black_Red
Features: UV Protection
Frame Color: Black
Lens Color: Red
Polarization: No
Fit: Medium
Made In: China

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