Serengeti Arezzo Charcoal Black 555nm Sunglasses GG6871


$159.00  USD


The 555nm lens gets its name from the 555 nanometer center of the visible color spectrum of light, the point where the human eye sees the easiest and most comfortably. Ideal for bright light conditions, the photochromic 555nm lens manages yellow and green light transmission to cool and relax the eyes. The light silver mirror coating further reduces eyestrain by acting as a protective shield against glare.

Non-Polarized Glass
15% Transmittance Lightened Lens
9% Transmittance Darkened Lens

89% Blue Light Blocked Lightened Lens 
96% Blue Light Blocked Darkened Lens


Model: Arezzo GG6871
Features: UV Protection
Frame Color: Black
Lens Color: Green
Lens: Photochromatic
Polarization: No
Fit: Medium
Eye: 59 mm
Bridge: 14 mm
Vertical: 38.5 mm
Temple: 120 mm

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